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Finding Duplicate files

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Finding Duplicate files

Data is getting bigger, and needs more space in which it can be stored. Though most computer systems come with a lot of disk space from the get go, it is often surprising how quickly file space can be used up, leaving very little left for the storage of new files and data. A lot of users attempting to migrate data to a new hard disk or creating a backup in order to save data in case of formatting of a hard disk or reinstallation of the operating system, and are shocked by how large their backup file is, considering the fact that they didn’t have all that much data stored on their hard disk in the first place.

Software uses following methods to find duplicate files:

  • File Name comparison
  • RC32 value
  • Byte by byte comparison
  • MD5 checksum

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A big part of the using up of so much disk space so quickly is the presence of duplicate files which most users are unaware of, which end up creating unnecessarily large back up files and leave very little space for the storage of new files and data. An example of such duplicate files is the Dynamic Link Library file, also known as .DLL files. This is usually created by an application whilst it is being downloaded and is created in several locations throughout your computer as and when it is needed, however they are not required in most cases and can be safely deleted without causing any disruption in the operation of the applications and programs that they a part of and were installed by.

However, there are often so many iterations of such files, as well as other duplicate file types, that it is impossible to actually search for them and delete them one by one; as such a task could take several days and can often be a very mind numbing experience due to its repetitive and boring nature.

This software has been designed with this very problem in mind. It has been created to serve as a utility to be used for the purpose of discovering duplicate files and deleting them, thereby cleaning up your hard drive and creating gigabytes of free space that you can use. It is able to locate all duplicate files on your computer within minutes based on your search specifications, such as file name, CRC32, file size, byte by byte comparison and MD5 checksum. Software allows deleting any duplicate file and copying or moving any duplicate file at some other location. You can choose a folder or drive in which you want the duplicate file finder to locate.


  • Operating System -Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 & 2003
  • At least 512 MB of RAM and Free disk space - 10 MB (for installation).
  • The software uses smart algorithms in its system scans, and is excellent in finding the duplicate files.

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